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Georgia , Thursday 09 July 2020

News Georgia Guria: 7 unmissable experiences in western Georgia

Published on: Wednesday 14 August 2019
7 unmissable experiences in western Georgia
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There’s more to the country of Georgia than Tbilisi and the Caucasus mountains. Here's where to visit in the western region of Georgia, exploring ancient canyons, deserted Soviet spas, UNESCO-listed villages and experiencing incredible hospitality...

News Georgia Guria: Why Georgia’s Black Sea Coast Is the Ultimate Summer Getaway

Published on: Saturday 19 January 2019
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West Georgia’s four Black Sea regions include Ajara, Guria, Samegrelo and the breakaway region, Abkhazia, which is now controlled by Russia. While Tbilisi and the Caucasus Mountains seem to take ...

News Georgia Guria: Lado Apkhazava – one exceptional teacher’s recipe for unlocking Georgia’s human capital potential

Published on: Thursday 21 March 2019
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I am very happy I met Lado Apkhazava, a truly gifted, committed, and professional Civics Education teacher from Guria - one of Georgia’s poorest regions. Lado’s innovative and student-centered ...

News Georgia Guria: Tbilisi Holds Georgia's First Architecture Biennial Since Soviet Independence

Published on: Monday 15 April 2019
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The first architecture Biennial since Georgia’s independence was held in Tbilisi in October ... A replica of a home from the rural region of Guria was filled with dried spiky branches, creating a ...

News Georgia Guria: Teachable Moment: Georgian Uses Classroom Cred To Help Poor Schools

Published on: Thursday 28 March 2019
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Lado Apkhazava is a schoolteacher in the village of Chibati, near the Black Sea, in one of the poorest parts of Georgia. His underdeveloped Guria region is economically depressed, and the parents of ...